Trafford Middle School's Mission Statement

Mission:  "To provide appropriate and engaging learning opportunities that instill a passion for learning in a caring atmosphere."

Core Values:  Instill hope--Everyone has a desire for improvement--Integrity--Support for each other


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Dear Penn-Trafford School District Families,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome your student(s) back to Aramark Dining Services for the 2020-2021 school year. During these unprecedented times we want you to know that keeping your students safe while eating with us is our #1 priority.

We have been busy working alongside the district administration team to determine what is the safest dining solution and options to offer students when they come back to school.

Just recently, we received an exciting announcement from the USDA. Breakfast and lunch will be available for all K-8 students each school day for free until December 31st, 2020 OR until the state of Pennsylvania runs out of funding for the program. High School students on the free and reduced program will still continue to eat for free at the Main Plate line.

The prices for after December 31st are as follows:

  • K-8 Breakfast in all Buildings: Reduced $0.30, Paid $1.30

  • K-5 Lunch in all Buildings: Reduced $0.40, Paid Regular $2.25, Paid Premium $2.60

  • 6-8 Lunch in all Buildings: Reduced $0.40, Paid $2.95

  • Grades 9-12 Breakfast & Lunch: Free at the Main Plate line to those who qualify, Paid

    students- items priced a la carte

    We are grateful to be a partner to Penn-Trafford Schools and look forward to providing superior service for years to come.


    Meghan Cusack
    Food Service Director, Aramark



 TM September 20-21 LUNCH UNIVERSAL FREE.pdf 




TMS Parents,


Trafford Middle School will continue to offer a “One to One” environment to enhance and aid in student learning opportunities.  As you know, each student at the middle school is provided a Chromebook for school use throughout the year.  These devices are theirs to use both in school and at home.  


At the end of last year, each student in grades 5-7 were allowed to keep their chromebook to use during online instruction last spring.  Students will now be able to trade in their chromebooks for a new one to use this school year.  The District has purchased all new chromebooks and will need to return the old ones to our vendor.  Students not returning their old device will be charged the full cost of the chromebook.


We will begin the chromebook trade in process on Monday, August 17 at TMS.  In order to make this process seamless, we are asking each student and parent/guardian to review the PTSD Chromebook Handbook and Network Accessible Use Agreement.  Each student and parent/guardian will be responsible for reading, understanding, and signing these documents online.  We will require an annual technology fee of $30 that will be used for maintenance, accidental damage and other costs associated with each student having a device.  


To complete the user acknowledgements along with making a payment, please log on to our FamilyID and follow the directions to update your account for the 2020-2021 school year.  Students must complete this process before trading in their old chromebook and picking up the new one.  


FAMILY ID -  Click Here:  Family ID Chromebook Registration and Payment


Chromebook Trade In Schedule

8/17 - Rising 8th grade - 8am-1pm - Main tower of TMS

8/18 - Incoming 6th grade - During scheduled tour time at TMS

8/20 - Rising 7th grade - 8am-1pm Main tower of TMS


Any student not able to pick up their chromebook during their assigned day should contact the school.


Roger Sullivan


Trafford Middle School


To the Parents and Guardians of Trafford Middle Students,

This letter serves as an outline for the beginning of the school year,  It is our goal to make sure we take care of the education, social, and emotional needs of our students.  Always feel free to contact me with any specific concerns or questions.

I want to thank all of you that replied to the instructional choice survey Dr. Harris sent out last week. Currently, 82% of our students will return to traditional instruction and 17% will move forward with the digital plan.  No matter which platform you are choosing, the teachers and I are committed to making your child's learning meaningful.  The teachers are working diligently to develop their classroom approaches so the traditional students and the digital students receive a paralleled level of instruction.

6th-grade Orientation

Orientation was scheduled for August 18.  I was planning for a whole class in person orientation that evening. Unfortunately, with the 25 person maximum for indoor gatherings, I can no longer do this.  I will post two orientation videos on the Trafford Middle Website on August 18 - one will be for students & parents and the other for parents only. 

6th-Grade Tour

On August 18, 6th-grade students will come to Trafford Middle for a tour of the building.  This tour will be very similar to the tour on past orientation nights but with additions for our new-normal.  Students will be assigned a time, between 8am and 1pm, to tour the building that day.  Parents/guardians will receive an email with this time.  During this time, the students will tour the building, exchange their chromebooks, set- up lockers, and walk their schedules.  Only students will attend the tour.  These tours will be 45 minutes in length and begin in the morning at 8am, 9am, 10am, 11am, and 12pm.  If you can not attend your scheduled time please email Mr. Sullivan to make other arrangements

6th grade Supply List

Please refer to the link below for supplies for 6th grade students.

6th Grade Supply List

7th & 8th Grade Chromebook Exchange

8th graders will exchange their chromebooks for new ones on Aug. 17 from 8a-1pm in the main tower of Trafford Middle School.

7th graders will exchange their chromebooks for new ones on Aug. 20 from 8a-1pm In the main tower of Trafford Middle School.

*Students should wear masks and social distance as they line up on the sidewalk waiting their turn


Please review the Chromebook Letter.  Students kept their chromebooks from last year, now we need to exchange them.  The letter explains the registration and $30 payment process.  Click on this link to register for a chromebook with TMS.  Family ID Chromebook Registration and Payment

Open House

Currently there will be no large scale Open House like we have had in previous years.  The teachers will create a video and presentation that introduces parents to their classroom and their expectations for the school year. These videos will be posted on Trafford Middle School’s web page, under the faculty tab. I will also send these videos via a link.

Understandably, this is a unique time in education, but working together as a part of the PT community will ensure success for our kids.  I look forward to working with you and our students.










If you have any questions about our Save Day Program, please feel free to contact us at 724-261-3641 or at



What is the Student Assistance Program? 

The Student Assistance Program is designed to provide various services to meet your child’s social, emotional, behavioral, and academic needs. The primary goal of the Student Assistance Program is to identify students at risk and help those students to overcome barriers in order for them to be successful in their everyday lives.

Another goal of the Student Assistance Program is to facilitate collaboration between home and school and provide interventions and/or referrals to internal or external support services in order to address student needs.

Please see brochure link below:

   SAP Brochure